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Friday, August 2, 2013

His Secret Service code name was Providence

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You searched the definition: His Secret Service code name was Providence .
as well as : His Secret Service code name was Providence crossword, and can often seen like: His Secret Service code name was Providence 10 letter . Now you can look below and find the right crossword answer. 
By the way, the clue: His Secret Service code name was Providence puzzle, can be replaced with the next definitions:
principles soon loses both' ,
1 across: is 'e involved with 'Erewhon Revisited'? ,
Work out where one is a military leader ,

Answer 3 letters: 
Answer 4 letters: 
Answer 5 letters:  
Answer 6 letters: 
Answer 7 letters: 
Answer 8 letters:  
Answer 9 letters: 
Answer 10 letters: EISENHOWER 
Answer 11 letters: 
Answer 12 letters: 
Answer more than 13 letters: 

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